A Little Las Vegas Strangeness... Also in the hotel for the 3 days we're here is the Arthur Murray 2007 World Dance-O-Rama! It's pretty amazing. They've taken over a couple of ballrooms...all of the contestants wear numbers on their backs, similar to what marathoners wear...there's a platform with about 20 video cameras filming everything...you can see couples in lobby areas & outside the hotel practicing...they wear these extremely fancy gowns & suits (very sparkley)....and, at least yesterday, they were going from early in the morning (before 10AM when I 1st went downstairs) to late at night (I was told they'd finish at around 1AM)...and this is going on for 3 days! I walked through the ballroom to check it out. It would've been a perfect place for someone like Borat to go around asking questions..it also felt very surreal, almost David Lynch-esque. I was going to say "Only In Vegas" but, somehow, I think not.

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