Transmitting From Key Largo, FL... Didn't think I'd post another update so soon, did you? Ok, so after a 3+ hour bus ride, we arrived at this exclusive gated community a few hours ago. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice, but it's just filled with things that don't really interest me. Cases in point: -There's tons of golf courses (not into golf) -There are many harbor areas with boats of all sizes & shapes galore (not into boating) -Lots of opportunities to fish (not into fishing) -Men must wear collared shirts in all eating facilities (not into collared shirts, didn't have one & had to go out & buy one) -There are some private beach areas (not really a water guy in general) You get the idea. As I said, it's very pretty, very well maintained &, for some, I'm sure it'd get close to a definition of heaven on earth. Not me, though. I'm way happier trudging through the wintry streets of NYC on my way to see a new film or hear some music. Still, I'm a lucky guy. There are way harder ways to make a living than having to endure this for a day or 2. More news to come in March...

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