Transmitting From NYC... A couple of little thrills recently: Just got back from Port St. Lucie, FL where I was able to play drums again with Liza...always a pleasure. Also, did another drum gig this past week at a very cool club in Harlem called The Shrine with a rock singer I work with from time-to-time named Tiyee. Very talented & rare in the fact that she's one of the few African-American female rock singers around these days. WIth a little luck, hopefully you'll be hearing more about her soon. The little thrill was meeting songwriter Jimmy Norman, who was in the audience. Jimmy composed the great rock hit, "Time Is On My Side", that was recorded, most notably, by The Rolling Stones in the '60s. A little slice of rock n' roll history!! Next weekend I'll be in Baltimore with Liza (back on keyboards) to be followed by a show in Boston with the Miami Boys Choir (on drums). Then, a couple of weeks off from travelling. It'll be nice to be home for a little stretch of time!

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