Transmitting From Vancouver, B.C... It's 6:30AM here on the west coast of Canada. I'm writing so early being the product of jet lag. Once again, there's not much of interest to say so, my apologies. I can tell you that I had a great meal last night in one of the restaurants in the hotel. Really excellent Italian food. We're in a casino & our show is tomorrow. It's rare to rave about any food in a casino but last night's meal was a very pleasant exception. A few of us will be visiting with master drum craftsman Ron Dunnett today. He built a beautiful snare drum for me a couple of years ago & it'll be fun to see his latest creations. There's a photo from my 1st visit with him on the photo page if you're interested. I suppose I could tell you that I'm very pleased with my hotel room. Once again, I don't equate casinos with especially nice rooms so this was a very pleasant surpise. And there you have it. Sorry this isn't more exciting but road life certainly doesn't guarantee thrills at every turn. If anything special occurrs, I'll surely give you a report otherwise, till next time...

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