Transmitting From Brisbane, Australia... We just arrived today on the next to last stop on the tour. Haven't really had time to explore yet but I will mention a couple of the highlights from Melbourne. On one of our off days we rented a car & took a drive of around 90 minutes to a place called Phillip Island. We were able to go to a 60-acre wildlife preserve that features animals indigenous to Australia. The main attraction was being able to go out & walk among the animals & feed some of them. It's quite an experience to be standing among 20 or 30 kangaroos & suddenly have one hop up to you waiting to be fed. They were all very peaceful & friendly as well as curious & hungry! For the entire time you're there, you're out there with the animals, pretty amazing. Then we watched something called the Penguin Parade which happens at sunset on the beach. Seems as though, every evening at sunset, hundreds of penguins return from a day's fishing at sea & make a determined march up a pathway back to their burrows. It's quite something to witness. On another day I stayed in town & went to an area called Fitzroy. It's very much like Williamsburgh, Soho & the Village in NYC. Tons of hip clothing shops, little cafes, tattoo parlors, some bookshops & CD stores, etc. on both sides of the street that seems to go on for a couple of miles. I loved walking through all of it & soaking in the bohemian/hippie vibe. Being an old hippie myself, I felt right at home! Soon, I'll venture out & see what Brisbane has to offer. Not much time here, though. Show tomorrow & then back to Sydney for the last show on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

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