Transmitting From Niagara Falls, NY... Happy Autumn!! It's been awhile!! The next 10 days or so could be labeled the 'Casino Tour', I suppose. One here tonight, then 3 next week in Nevada...one in Reno & 2 in Las Vegas. Casinos, not my favorite places, as I've mentioned here before. This one is nice so far, at least because the cacophony from the casino can't be heard that well from other areas such as the coffee shop, bar or lounge. Nice room too. So, I suppose, as far as casinos go, this one isn't so bad. Onto other business: A big shout out to Michael Denault at WGOE.org on the web as well as to Trish Lewis at WUCX-FM's Eclectic Chair for being the 1st 2 DJs to give the Sanctuaries CD airplay. Thanks guys!! We're just starting the Sanctuaries push & there'll hopefully be a lot more stations getting on the bandwagon. Interestingly, I'm hearing that people are liking the Sanctuaries music more than what's on First Melancholy. It doesn't surprise me in a way. If I had to give my own opinion in that zone, I might say that the songs on Sanctuaries might be a bit stronger although, without a doubt, I feel as though my playing on First Melancholy might have a bit more depth to it. Listen to me, reviewing my own music! How pompous & boring. My apologies. Anyway, that's about it from Niagara Falls (step by step, inch by inch....and if you know where that's from, send me an email & I'll send you a CD). More coming soon.

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