Transmitting From Lucca, Italy... Right in the heart of Tuscany with the hotel being almost like a private old estate nestled in the hills, we actually haven't seen the town of Lucca proper yet....that'll be tomorrow. But the hotel is really something to see. Very isolated & off the beaten path, it's more like an old mansion...very well maintained with odd passageways here & there leading to the rooms. Words really don't do it justice but I'll be walking the grounds tomorrow & taking some photos which I'll hopefully post here to give you a better idea. (I've been very remiss in keeping the photo & calendar page current but I will try to rectify that). The show at the Vienna Opera went really, really well. The crowd, which looked to be sold-out, was enthusiastic in the extreme. Liza's performance was amazing, I must say. I give her so much credit for really delivering the goods on this tour, which has been fairly grueling, especially the last week or so. She's the consumate pro & has so much passion for her work. She's the real deal. After tomorrow's show, we fly home on Wed. which will be sweet although I've heard the NYC weather has been brutally hot. (Out here it's surely summer, but mostly comfortable). It'll be a very long day of travel starting at 6AM with, what I'm told, is a 4 hr. drive to the Rome airport, followed by a 9-10 hr. flight...right into the NYC rush hour! I doubt I'll walk in my front door before early evening....but it'll be so nice to be home sweet home!

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