Transmitting From Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic... We arrived here yesterday for a show tonight before flying home tomorrow. Things were a bit hectic due to our flight being delayed an hour & a half. As soon as we arrived, we had to run out to a dinner given by the promoters which was very good. Still, it made things a bit rushed & we weren't able to completely decompress until fairly late in the evening. It's hard to tell what kind of place this is having arrived & driven in darkness. My room is very bare bones but functional although the pool area looks very nice, surrounded by many palm trees & other greenery. One cool thing is that our hotel was used for all of the Cuban scenes in the Godfather! From the little I could see during our night drive to the hotel the city reminds me quite a bit of some areas of South America as far as fairly deep poverty although, thus far, I haven't seen anything approaching what you'd call a modern metropolis to balance that out. Anything in the modern zone looks fairly dated, almost out of the '60s & '70s. Now that daylight is here, I'll be able to get a more complete picture. What's surely nice, though, is to get one last blast of summer-like weather. Temperatures here seem to be steadily in the '80s. Our show the other night in Staten Island went really well & it was fun to get back into the groove of the gig, both musicially & personally. Just one more trip for the year which will be towards the end of next week where I'll give you my next update. Until then...

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