Transmitting From Norfolk, VA... I was just about ready to call it a night when I realized that here I am on the road (if only for a day) & hadn't posted an update. (I try to write from every city). Well, we flew into Norfolk this morning, soundchecked this afternoon & did a show tonight. It's now about 1:40AM & I have a 6AM wake-up call to get ready for the flight home. And there you have it. Not much else to say. This might be the last update for awhile as we're coming into a bit of a slow period as far as travel. I'll be spending time at home practicing pieces for the next CD & hopefully writing some new ones as well. We're doing a private show in NYC next week & word has it that Elton John will be singing a tune or 2 with us. If there's anything to report from there, you'll hear it here. Otherwise, we'll be back on the road in June for a European tour where I'll be keeping you informed of anything noteworthy. Also, I've recently become a fan of Twitter where I've been posting Tweets of varying degrees of coherence. I find it a kinda fun mental excercise to write a short sentence every now & then that involves some creative energy. If you're a Twitter-er, follow me if you like. There's a link to my page there on the Links page here. Enjoy your Spring!

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