Transmitting From Las Vegas, NV... Time passes slowly on the road sometimes. Even though we're only here for the long holiday weekend, it can be an effort to find ways to pass the time during the day until going to work at night. For me, a town like Las Vegas is especially challenging in this regard as I'm not into gambling & have taken many a walk down the famous strip which seems like the 2 most obvious activites one would do here. Luckily my road buddy Dave Katzenberg had the idea to rent a car to make a couple of day trips, the 2nd of which will be today. Yesterday we ventured up to Red Rock Canyon for a 13 mile scenic drive through amazing desert rock formations. Today our destination is the Valley Of Fire, which is supposed to offer even more spectacular views. Tomorrow we're headed home for about 10 days before our South America tour. If I had to guess, that will provide more interesting stories to tell other than looking at rocks in the desert. We'll see...

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