Transmitting From Glasgow, Scotland... It's a rainy night in Glasgow. We arrived late this afternoon & it promptly began to pour prohibiting any exploration of the city. (I'm not one who enjoys "Singing In The Rain" if you know what I mean). We have a very limited amount of time here &, tomorrow, my mission is to find a jewelry store that can replace the battery on my watch which is running extremely low. Our hotel room in Birmingham, nice as it was, had no clock in the room so my watch kept me current. Thankfully it lasted to this point &, here, there is a clock so, as long as I'm in my room, I'll know what time it is. Unfortunately, having to do a show tomorrow will prohibit that access hence my search for a jeweler. All throughout my adult life, the only constant jewelry I've ever worn is a wrist-watch so I'll feel quite naked without it. Hope I can find that jeweler! Not the most exciting news, I know, but, on a rainy night like this, it's the best I can come up with. Hopefully, in the coming weeks & months there'll be more interesting tales to tell.

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