Transmitting from NYC... Last night we played to over 7,000 people at the Mohegan Sun hotel & casino. The show went very well although the bigger adventure occured on our drive home. We were in a 9-passenger van, going at about 60 m.p.h. when we hit a deer in the middle of the highway. It was in a portion of the highway where it was almost completely dark, except for car lights, so our driver was definitely not at fault. It's a shame for the poor animal (who was making its way across a 3-line highway as though it was taking a leisurely stroll through the park) & our driver was a bit shaken up. Luckily no one was hurt & the van sustained minor damage. Still, the driver had to report this to the casino & we had to wait for another van which took about an hour. It was our good fortune that a local inn, that was closing for the night when we walked in, was gracious enough to stay open & serve us food & drink while we waited for the backup van to arrive. The inn's manager happened to also be a musician. Very fortunate, as I said. I also want to mention a fun gig that I'll be doing on New Year's Eve here with my friend Frank Perowsky who's a great woodwind player as well as being another member of the Liza band. HIs talents will expland to include singing & tap dancing on this night as he'll be bringing his cabaret act out for the occasion. There'll also be some special guests as well. It should be much fun (in addition to being about 4 blocks from the ball dropping in Times Square!). So, if you're in the area & feel so inclined, please stop by. The info is on the calendar page. Let me wish all of you the happiest & healthiest of holiday seasons. I'll be back in the New Year (if not before) with more stories to tell.

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