Transmitting From Oostende, Belgium... Judging from the photos from the hotel website, Oostende looked to be an older, more run down version of Atlantic City & that's kind of how it appears. It's supposed to be a "resort" town because of it being located on the water but the beach is almost deserted so it's pretty depressing. When you walk out of the back entrance of the hotel you're confronted with a long boardwalk with the closest lifeforms looking like they're a mile away. My room is old & very bare bones. After I took a shower this morning it looked like there was a small flood on the floor. I'm waiting for the maintenence guy to come & investigate. All that & we have a day off here tomorrow!! I'm not a fan of Atlantic City or boardwalks & am not a "water" guy in general. Still, I'll be looking forward to the show tonight because I AM a big fan of playing music! We will survive!! The good news is, next stop...Paris!!!

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