Transmitting From Primm, NV... Ever hear of Primm? Me neither. It's a little town in the middle of the desert with 3 casinos about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas towards the California border. Why anyone would chose to come here with Vegas being so close is beyond me. I asked this question last night & found out that, lo & behold, everything is cheaper here. I'm told the room rates average around $71 a night. Not the Ritz but much cheaper than Vegas for sure. There's a giant roller coaster on the grounds of our hotel. Yes, on the grounds! My room looks out on it! (See the Photo Page). It routinely runs until midnight. The noise is not quite as bad as I would've thought being so close, though. Just sounds like, every so often, a huge truck is passing by. Maybe they did a little extra soundproofing to compensate. Sorry to say that, at least thus far, the roller coaster is the biggest news I have to report on this trip. We head home tomorrow & then I head back out to the west coast with my family for a 2 week drive up the pacific coast highway from Los Angeles to Seattle. It's a trip I've always wanted to make. Can't wait! Not sure if I'll update anything from the vacation as, hard as it is to believe, I'll be leaving my laptop at home (although I'll have access to my wife's). More likely that I'll be back next month with news from the road. Till then...

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