Transmitting From Milan, Italy... Wow, what a beautiful city!! Thought I'd been here before during the Gloria Gaynor tour in the '70s but now I'm not so sure. If we passed through back then, we surely weren't in such a prime location. The amazing church known as the Duomo is practically in our backyard as well the the indoor/open-air shopping area known as the Galleria. Truly sights to behold! We're now parked here for the remainder of the tour & will drive to the remaining cities. Today's a day off & I plan to do some walking. Milan looks like a great walking town which suits me just fine. No other major news to report except to shout out a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Frank Perowsky, one of our senior band members. His talent & youthful spirit are an inspiration to us all. Here's to you, Frank!!

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