Transmitting From Livermore, CA... We arrived here yesterday for a show tonight in what's supposed to be a beautiful outdoor setting in a local vineyard. Livermore is about 40 minutes outside of San Franscisco. Last week was more of a local show in Asbury Park, NJ. I don't have any major recollections of being there before although I wouldn't swear that it was my 1st time there. After being on the road for so many years, so many towns kind of bleed together & it's sometimes hard to remember. I'm enjoying my new job as drummer very much. It's where I feel most at home performing live & I'm really glad to get to experience that feeling here. Tomorrow is an extremely early lobby call (4:30AM!) to catch an early flight home in order to celebrate my beautiful wife's birthday. Should be a fun day & fun weekend. There's more coming up next week so I'll say bye for now & give you an update then.

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