Happy Holidays... Well, my last 2 shows of the year with Liza Minnelli went smoothly. We played a casino in Brooks, CA & a beautiful performing arts center in Denver, CO. There was talk of a last-minute week of shows in Metz, France during the middle of December but it wound up being postponed until April at the earliest. The fun part of that was that I'd just sent my passport out for renewal thinking that I wouldn't need it until mid-Feb. when we're supposed to do a 3 1/2 week tour of Europe. When word of the possible Metz shows came in I began frantically calling the passport office trying to expedite the application in order to receive it in time. Finally, after doing just that, at double the normal renewal cost, the Metz shows were postponed. Oh well, at least I now have my new passport safe & sound with an updated picture, including my shaved head. My last passport photo showed me with hair well past my shoulders. Needless to say, I've received more than a few double takes from customs agents. Glad to say that all of that is now history. "Sanctuaries" has gotten some radio play in the NY area on WFMU as well as on LION 90.7 FM in University Park, PA. It's now also available on iTunes which has scored me major points with my 10 year old stepdaughter. I'm looking forward to continuing to get it heard & seen. I'll be back out on the road in mid-Jan. with, hopefully, some good stories to tell. I also hope to have some promising updates regarding "Sanctuaries." Till next time, have a great holiday season!

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