Transmitting From Fort Worth, TX... It's such a refreshing change to be in a nice sized US city rather than a casino or a smaller town laden with strip malls. Someplace where you can take a walk & see shops, restaurants, clubs etc. without needing a car or someone to provide some kind of shuttle bus or van. Last night we had a nice BBQ dinner & then walked around & checked out some of the local nightlife spots. And today, I just got back from the local Barnes & Noble which was paradise! I love book & record stores & will search them out whenever I can. (Here's a quote from Robert Fripp that I can totally relate to: "Me & a book is a party...me, a book & a cup of coffee is an orgy.") So, in summing up, seeing that we're only here for barely 2 days, you've just read about the highlight of my trip & we haven't even had our soundcheck yet! If anything else of note happens, I'll let you know.

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