Transmitting from Santa Ynez, CA... We arrived yesterday for the resumption of the mini-casino tour. This is #2 out of 3. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rolling hills & desert-like terrain. What's noteworthy are the stretches of land that are completely burnt-out & scarred from the recent fires here. On the way to the hotel, I saw a sign planted in the ground that said, "Firemen, you rock, thank you!!" There's a couple of small towns nearby, one where we had a decent dinner of mexican food last night. The hall where we're playing looks more like a hotel ballroom than a concert hall or showroom. Just a big empty space with a stage that can be configured in a variety of ways. Last night it was a bingo hall where a thousand people or so were partaking. Not much more to report. Tomorrow we move south to our final stop & temperatures in the low 100s! More soon...

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