Transmitting From Wolfsburg, Germany... Yesterday was a day off, the highlight of which was seeing Herbie Hancock's show. I also said hi to him in the hotel lobby & reminded him of how we played together many years ago....& he remembered! Made my day! His opening act was Solomon Burke, a great R&B singer. Very churchy vibe. He's a big man, was dressed in a silver suit (it looked like tin foil) & sits on a huge throne for his entire show. He travels in a wheel chair so he obviously has some health issues. Great singer, though. We have a very busy weekend coming up. Leaving directly from the stage (not the hotel, the stage) after the show tonight to a small local airport to take a private plane to Spain for the show there tomorrow. If we don't take off by 11PM, the permit to take off will have expired so we have to really run. There's also a permit in Spain about our landing time having to be before a certain hour so there'll be some real James Bond maneuvering to pull it off. I'll try to drop a quick note from Spain with any interesting details.

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