Transmitting From Frankfurt, Germany... Greetings!! It's been awhile!! We just arrived here this morning for the start of a 2 1/2 week tour, mostly in Germany with the last stops being Amsterdam & Paris. Today is some kind of holiday so almost all of the stores were closed. We had to walk a ways to find a town square where there were some options as far as places to eat. The weather is a bit chillier than NY but still spring-like. The flight was uneventful but, thankfully, I was able to grab some sleep which is not usually the case with me. It's now around 10:20PM & my last real goal for the day is to try & stay awake until a more normal time to sleep comes around. Tomorrow is a gig day followed by travel on Sat. to Munich. We're very lucky in that the bus that we'll be doing all of our local travelling in is really nice. We're not on a plane again until the flight home. Also, we'll be re-united with our European crew from the last couple of tours who are excellent. A good crew makes things so much more pleasant as everything flows that much more effortlessly. Over the past few weeks at home I've worked on some music for a possible children's TV project, rehearsed playing drums with a guitar power trio (in the jazz-blues-rock-funk zone) that will have its 1st gig in NYC at the end of July & have been practicing the solo piano pieces I've chosen for the next CD as well as doing some writing for that project. As I always do, I'll try to give updates from each city so, stay tuned. PS- There's a new photo at the top of the photo page that's pretty freaky! Check it out! PPS- Oh yeah, the show we did on Broadway last Dec. won a Tony award last weekend. Congrats to us!

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