Transmitting From Roanoke, VA... We arrived here after a 5 hr. van ride that was actually quite comfortable & pleasant. The show last night went well. I vaguely remember hearing lyrics or stories about the beautiful mountains of Virginia (or West Virginia or Kentucky or the Carolinas). No matter where the lyrics/stories were referring to, I can report that the ride from South Carolina thru North Carolina & finally here surely had some very picturesque scenery. The other big news of the day is that I had a slight accident with a cold beverage that partially landed on my iPhone, making it mostly unusable. For any Apple fans, you've probably heard of the iPod Touch being called an iPhone without the phone. Well, my newly damaged iPhone is now pretty much acting like an iPhone without a phone as well! It seems to do everything else ok, except act as a phone! I'll be in an Apple Store on Mon. night in NYC to try to solve my dilemma. It's SO weird going back to using hotel phones after years of cells. (I do use Skype but have found that, if I need to make sure I have a strong connection, the hotel land line works best). OK, enough of my phone woes. Tonight, a night off, will be a milestone birthday celebration for one of our bandmates which should be fun. Tomorrow will be our symphony show here & then off to West Virginia on Sat. More soon...

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