Transmitting From Milan, Italy... A day off following a show last night in the town of Torino which was around a 2 hr. drive from here. As soon as we arrived we went quickly to soundcheck, followed by dinner & then the show. Afterwards, right back on the bus for the ride back. Too bad as Torino looked like a beautiful little town. Today's highlight, thus far, was taking in the museum at the famous opera house La Scala. Some amazing stuff: A plaster-cast of Chopin's hand, a few locks of Mozart's hair, the death mask of Verdi & a piano that belonged to Liszt among other things. I was also able to peak into the hall itself which is beautiful & very well maintained. Tomorrow we're off to Campione (which is actually in Switzerland, I just found out) & then the final show here on Friday. As I always do, after about the 2-week point on any tour, I look forward to returning home more & more. Into week #3 out here & NYC is pulling me back once again. Soon...

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