Transmitting From Sydney, Australia... Well, we're back to where we started almost 3 weeks ago for our last show tomorrow night. I'm just back from a long walk through a few different parts of the city (must've walked around 3-4 miles at least). Found a great record store where I was able to snag a couple of concert DVDs that I'd never seen before by 2 of my favorites (Miles Davis & Joe Zawinul). Then went on a long trek to an area called Surrey Hills that I was told had a similar hippie/bohemain vibe to Brunswick St. in Melbourne. Sadly, it didn't quite live up to the hype but was a pleasant walk & good excercise as well. I just arrived back in the room to give my legs a bit of a rest. Last night I ate at the excellent Indian restaurant I found the 1st time around called Karma. I had 2 dinners there last time & may repeat that feat this time around. As we wind down out here, I must give serious props to our tour managers who've made everything about this trip smooth, pleasant & completely painless. From airport check-ins to hotel check-ins to soundcheck dinners to hotel pick-ups...every element was without the slightest hint of a problem &, if there was one, we never heard about it. So, thank you Alia & Stephen! Unless anything unusual happens this will probably be my last entry for the tour. Greatly looking forward to being back home in the USA &, especially, in NYC. Till next time...

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