Transmitting From Vancouver, BC... Miracle of miracles!!! There's a new photo on the photo page!! This one comes from the workshop of Ronn Dunnett who's a master drum maker. Mike Berkowitz, Liza's drummer/conductor, set up a little hang for us (us being he, myself & Bill Hayes, our percussionist) with Ronn so that we might sample his wares. We were all truly blown away by the consistency of sound, craftsmanship & aesthetics in his snare drums. I'd highly recommend for any drummer to go to his website, www.dunnett.com, & have a look but, most of all, to try & get your hands on one & play it. You'll see why both Mike & I snatched a couple up today to add to our arsenals. Thanks Mike for hooking this up & to Ronn for his graciousness, hospitality & amazing skills.

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