Transmitting From NYC... A couple of tributes: First to George Carlin: A comedic genius, a man who'd I'd always do whatever I could to watch on the tube, especially his HBO specials. I'd always say to myself: "Gotta catch Carlin live, the next time he's in town." Sorry to say, it never happened. His amazing skills at wordplay were unsurpassed. As a lover of words & the games one can play with them, I was always in awe of his abilities. A true original. Secondly, to Tim Russert: His appearences on the Today show were a fixture in our home. Even my daughter was a fan. His political insights & commentary always seemed to cut to the chase, putting a period on the overall climate of the American people at any given time. He never wasted words, no matter what the sentiment. Believe it or not, I really dug him! (I'm no stranger to being a fan of certain newscasters. In the '70s, when ABC local news anchor Roger Grimsby died, I wrote a letter of tribute that was published in the Village Voice). Here's to George & Tim! They will be sorely missed. I've been spending most of the last week or so in Fenwick Island, Delaware where my daughter is performing in an original play this week. My wife & I are tag-teaming the stage parent duties. I'll be heading back down there tomorrow. When I get back & settled, I'll be setting up the new electronic drumset that I received for Father's Day. They're very cool! Small, good sounds, great sensitivity, perfect for a NYC apartment home studio! More news to come in July. Till then...

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