Transmitting From San Francisco, CA... One of my favorite US cities! We arrived yesterday for a show today. Upon arriving at our hotel, I discovered, 1st of all, that my name was incorrect on the reservation. It took a brief bit of explaining to convince the lady at reception that my 1st name wasn't Chip. No big deal...a little amusing, in fact. Then, even though this hotel is touted as one of SF's finest, I found my room to be kind of old & very small. Down to the lobby I went to find one of my fellow bandmates changing his room. It was then that I discovered that there's a newly renovated wing that I was able to change to so I'm now happily ensconced in more modern surroundings. We leave for soundcheck in a couple of hours. Today's itinerary will be a bit more condensed as there are 2 shows prior to ours in the hall. This gives our crew people way less time to set things up as well as giving us less time to soundcheck & rehearse. I'm not concerned. We're all really good at what we do & I expect everything to work out smoothly in the end. Tomorrow I move over to my next hotel near the bay for my 4 day mini-vacation highlighted by my wife's arrival on Tues. Then home on Fri. January will see the CD release. I've also re-scheduled my interview on Scott Raymond's radio show for the morning of Jan. 16. Assuming there's nothing more of note to report, I'll take this opportunty to wish everyone a great holiday season & the best of new years. Till next year...

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