Transmitting From Sao Paulo, Brazil... First I must say that, if any of you ever travel to Brazil & are looking for a decent hotel, I'd recommend the Blue Tree Towers. This is our 2nd consecutive Blue Tree & both are clean, modern & well maintained. Both of my rooms have had a slightly boutique-y feel which I enjoy. It's not the grand, royal 10-star luxury route, but extremely pleasant. OK, enough of my hotel commercial. Last night's show in Porto Alegre was a more low key affair than our 6,000 seat extravaganza in Buenos Aires. Still, all went well. I did see Liza on the front page of the local paper this morning so I assume there was good news to report. Too bad I don't read Portuguese otherwise I could go into more detail. Today being a travel day means there's no show tonight so it looks like Brazilian beef will be calling my name in a few hours. (There's a lot of beef eating in S. America...a LOT!!). And there you have the latest. There'll be more coming soon.

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