Transmitting From Brasilia, Brazil... Well, last night I was Maiden-ized. I was able to catch the Iron Maiden show here & it was really something. It was in a 20,000 seat soccer stadium & our Brazilian tour manager managed to swing a couple of comped VIP tickets. Sweet! Even though I'm not any kind of a metal-head, I actually enjoyed the show. They were extremely tight & all played their instruments very well. Of course, there was also a lot of pyro-technics to add to the fun. In a nutshell, it was as though Spinal Tap came to life in front of our eyes only these guys were real. They mentioned Liza a few times during the show as they knew she was sharing the same hotel. The funniest reference was when the lead singer spotted a fight in the crowd & said, "Hey guys, stop fighting! This is an Iron Maiden show. Save that for the Liza Minnelli show tomorrow!" All in all, a very fun night & way more enjoyable than I'd ever imagined it would be. I ran into a couple of the guys in the band at breakfast this morning & we had a chuckle over their Liza references. Can't say I'm a fan of the music but I give them much respect & admiration for keeping their vision going for over 30 years.

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