Transmitting From San Sebastian, Spain... Well, we made it! It was quite a ride, though. Playing the last note of the show in Wolfsburg at around 10PM...rushing from the stage to a van which sped us to a local airport in a town called Brownsweig (I think) about 30 minutes away...onto our private plane...then taking off at about 11:30PM...having to stop to refuel in Bordeaux, France at around 1:30AM...and finally touching down in Spain a little after 3AM. (That's 3 countries in 3 hours, if you weren't counting). We didn't land in San Sebastian, though. I believe the town is called Victoria, about an hour's drive from San Sebastian. Bottom line, my head hit the pillow in my room at around 5AM. It's now around 12:45PM & I'm just getting up. I'll begin the search for a cup of coffee momentarily. When I 1st opened my eyes, I literally had a thought along the lines of "Where the (expletive deleted) am I?" Last show tonight...home tomorrow....yay!!

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