Happy New Year!!!... My 2007 started with a bang....literally!!! I was doing a cabaret show with my buddy Frank Perowsky from Liza's band at a club called Don't Tell Mama in midtown Manhattan. Above the stage there's a dome-shaped skylight. In the middle of our 2nd show, just a few minutes after ringing in the new year, a champagne bottle came crashing through the skylight at very high velocity. Thankfully no one was injured but unfortunately our bassist's instrument was damaged. It brought our show to an ubrupt end & put a bit of a damper on the festivities as we waited for the police to arrive so a report could be filed. I'll tell you, if anyone had been in the line of fire of that bottle, serious injury would've been the result. It's also unfortunate that it appears as though we won't ever find out who the culprit was as the police hadn't arrived before we all left. I'm hoping that our bassist is able to get his instrument repaired & working in good order ASAP & that, with his insurance, the financial damage will be minimal at most. Even with this little mini-horror story, please accept my wishes for the best 2007 that you could imagine. I hope my next report brings news of a happier nature.

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