Transmitting From Louisville, KY... Greetings...it's been awhile. Firstly, our 2 week drive up the west coast was phenomenal! Starting in Los Angeles in the midst of summery weather & gradually making our way up through Big Sur, San Francisco, Portland & finally ending in Seattle with a touch of fall in the air. Over 1,000 miles of driving courtesy of yours truly. Seeing everything from near desert conditions, amazing ocean views & finally those amazing northwest redwood trees in the process. We covered a lot of ground! The last time I was part of a drive that long was touring with Gloria Gaynor in the mid '70s when the entire band drove cross-country in a van, from NYC to San Francisco. Both now & then, I had a ball. We arrived home in the wee hours of last Thurs. morning & now I'm back on the road for 2 days here, a day & a half back home & then one more trip west to L.A. for 4 days on Thurs. to play drums on the Chabad Telethon which will be broadcast this coming Sunday from 4-10PM, PST. That'll make 3 cross-country round trips in less than a month. It'll be nice to be home for a bit starting next week. I do try to post an update from just about every city so....next stop, L.A!

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