Transmitting From Tucson, AZ... The last road trip of the year. We flew into Phoenix yesterday which was followed by a 2 hour drive here so it was a pretty long travel day. Our show is tonight & then off to San Francisco tomorrow for a show on Sunday. SF is one of my favorite US cities & it'll be especially enjoyable this time because of the lucky coincidence of my wife having to come to town for a business conference which allows me to spend a few extra days. As I may have mentioned before, I love walking through cities, with record & book stores being my favorite places to stop. In the old days, I'd always center my walks around the local Tower Records. Now that that's not an option, luckily in SF, there's an Amoeba Records which is probably one of the last great record store chains left. There's only a few of them, all on the West Coast, so it'll be a special treat for me. The stores are huge & keep the spirit alive of the days before everything became downloads & digital. I'll be in SF for almost a week so I'll check back in from there. Till then... PS- I also found out that the epsiode of The Apprentice that we did will now air next Thurs. Dec. 9. Sorry to anyone who tuned in last night expecting to see us. Hopefully this new info is correct.

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