A Little Thrill From NYC... Last Thursday we were invited to an awards event at an explorer's club of which our friend Carol Amore is a member. Carol has been all over the world taking absolutely amazing photos of wildlife, especially tigers. She'll have an exhibit touring the country next year of her tiger photos. The centerpiece of this particular event was honoring Jane Goodall with a lifetime acheivement award. Jane, as some of you might know, gained quite a bit of fame for her work in protecting chimpanzees all over the world. I'm a huge fan of chimps & even wrote a tune called, "Dance Of The Chimps" many years ago. It was a thrill to shake her hand. She spoke for about 20-30 minutes telling us her life story, without any notes or teleprompters, by the way. She was completely captivating & is a real hero of both human & animal-kind. Listening to her tell her tale, I could only sit in awe & think to myself how I should aspire to do more towards everyone & everything's survival on this precious planet of ours. An added treat was spending a few minutes with Uma Thurman, who MC'd a segment of the proceedings. She was extremely friendly & was totally into chatting about the latest electronic games & fads with my daughter, Charlotte. It's so nice when you meet someone who "wears their celebrity well", as they say. Someone who is truly interested in what you bring to the table as opposed to a person who's more interested in being admired & showered with compliments. Uma impressed me to the extreme in this regard. A fun & special night it was!

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