Transmitting From Perth, Australia... We just arrived here this afternoon travelling across the continent to the west coast, akin to a flight from NY to LA. Our shows in Sydney went well & it was a blast having the chance to play some drums. I'll be back at my usual keyboard chair for the remainder of the tour. One of the perks of the drummer/conductor role is getting your own dressing room, a snapshot of which now resides on the photo page (as well as one from the stage). Still, I spent most of the time with my buddies in the band room where the chances of laughs, witty retorts & interesting conversation are much higher. Last night we also did a short (1 song) live TV performance on the Australian version of American Idol which, lo & behold, is called Australian Idol. From what I could tell, it seemed to be almost an exact duplicate of the U.S. show, even down to having one of the judges being a bit of a curmudgeon. At this point, with the 15 hr. time difference in Sydney, now down to a 12 hr. difference for the next 3 days, I'd give my kingdom for a normal night's sleep! My body clock is completely out of whack. I'll probably get settled into these time zones just in time to go back to NYC & start it all over again in reverse! Oh well, I can look forward to some long stretches of normalcy sometime in November. And there you have it. There's a day off tomorrow followed by a show here on Wednesday. More from our next stop later in the week...

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