Transmitting from Las Vegas, NV... I made the mistake last night of giving in to jet lag & crashing at about 9:30PM which had me up a few times. Luckily it's now about 7:30AM which, for me, is actually getting up a bit late. I usually manage to get around 6 hrs. of sleep or less a night so having the freedom to catch up a bit is a luxury. Exciting stuff, right? I'm giving a shout-out to my Liza bandmate Bill Hayes who seems to have become a slight fan of my blog. On the flight here yesterday we discussed creating some major blog-worthy event at the airport but, sorry to say, it didn't transpire which left me having to bore you with my sleeping habits. We'll be travelling a bit through the month of April so there's still hope of some groundbreaking news to report here. (The pressure's on, Bill!) We're here for 3 days before heading home. I'll keep you posted of any noteworthy events (Bill or non-Bill related). Till next time...

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