Transmitting from Copenhagen, Denmark... Sitting here at around 4:30AM in the throes of jetlag, even though we've been on the road since late last week. I usually can beat it fairly quickly but not this time. Don't know why. Wow..what a beautiful city this is! It's my 1st time here & I'm greatly looking forward to the coming day off to explore. Last night we played in a concert hall within Tivoli Gardens which is a really cool combination amusement park, botanical garden, sophistcated food court with many restaurants & 4 music spaces that I counted (3 outdoor & 1 inside, which is where we played). Really beautifully laid-out & landscaped. It's like nothing I've ever seen in the U.S. with aesthetics being a major part of the thought process in its construction. In addition to the music we played at the indoor venue, there was a jazz band & chamber ensemble playing in different parts of the park on 2 of the outdoor stages. If you stood in just the right spot you could hear both of them simultaneously which was an interesting sonic mash-up. Nothing much else to report. Think I'll give sleep another try. Till next time...

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