Transmitting From Woonsocket, R.I... My head's spinning! Just arrived back from Europe this past Sat., dove into a 6 hr. session in the studio on Sun., had yesterday off for a slight breather & just arrived here a little while ago for a series of 4 shows beginning tomorrow. The shows here will act as a kind of warm-up for the Broadway run that starts on Dec. 3. The studio session was for a CD that will be sold at those shows, produced by the legendary Phil Ramone. Though I'm not one to carry around a camera most of the time, looking back, I wish I could've taken a shot at my studio set-up. It pretty much consisted of 2 complete laptop-driven sets of string sounds....one that was used & one as a backup. I also had a very able assistant, Adam Schneider, co-piloting the entire rig. With both of the computers, all of the wiring & the keyboards themselves, it was definitely in the spaceship zone. Many thanks to Dave Rosenthal of Billy Joel's band for creating both the studio & road setups for me. Couldn't have done it without him. The town here seems to be fairly far from any beaten path so I can't say that there'll be any news of note to report. Still, check back from time-to-time....you never know.

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