Transmitting From Bologna, Italy... Remember those awnings I spoke about last time? Well, I just found out that they total an amazing 73 km over the entire city!! (By the way, the proper name for them is porticos). You'll never get wet while shopping in Bologna! I'm here in my room waiting to go to soundcheck. Finding ways to pass the down time on the road can be a challenge. Especially on a rainy day like today with a few hours to kill. When in my room, I usually do some web surfing or read with TV watching coming in a distant 3rd. Overseas, for the most part, TV is very limited &, for some reason, the reception in this hotel, or at least in my room, sucks. Not that I'm too bummed about not being able to watch CNN, which is the old standby for Americans as far as TV overseas. At least I can blog here & tell you of my plight...hey, it passes the time, right? Tomorrow we have a 6-8 hr. bus ride to Bari. Sound like fun? Who knows, maybe there'll be some stories to tell. We'll see...

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