Transmitting From Cabazon, CA.... Don't worry, I've never heard of Cabazon, CA either. It's close to Palm Springs, surrounded by desert &, after a 7+ hour bus ride, I'm very happy to finally be here! A couple of little mini-stories from the last day or so: -One of our guys won $700 at the slots! -Another one overheard some people talking before the show last night saying (regarding Liza): "I hope she sings Over The Rainbow" "Oh, me too! What show was that from again?" "Annie!!" Obviously some particularly avid fans. Not sure if there'll be much more to report on this trip. You never know, though. If not, I would like to bring your attention to a little gig I'll be doing next Fri. July 24 in NYC with guitarist Paul Metzke. I'll be playing drums & it should be fun. Jazz, rock, blues & r&b leaning towards the loud side. All the info is on the calendar page. Come on down if you're so inclined. After tomorrow's show we have a bit of a break so, if there's no hot breaking news, I should return with more updates sometime in late August. Till then, enjoy your summer!

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