Transmitting From NYC... Last night was the opening of a month-long run we're doing at the Palace Theatre here. I must say that it's really nice to just head home & not to have to wait for everyone to finish packing up & make their way to the bus to the hotel. I thought the show went really well with Liza being in amazing form. From the few reviews I've read so far, it seems as though there's some agreement there. Liza's really an amazing performer....worth every penny for any aspiring singer or actor. There's much to learn from someone with such a depth of experience from so many angles. Her energy, dedication & stamina are second to none. I usually find things to report on that are more surrounding the show than the show itself but, here, I must give major props to our boss. She's really something! OK...here's a little additional story coming more from my usual place of behind-the-scenes reporting: On Tuesday, after our dress rehearsal, I made my way down to the band dressing room (more of a locker room, really) to change & who should come walking out of the bathroom but Joe Pesci! It was fun to say hi & shake his hand. Luckily I was fully clothed! It's a very busy month for me including some free-lance studio things as well as being in charge of moving my 85 year-old mom from upstate NY to NYC. Almost all of my days off are filled! It'll be nice to relax a bit at the end of Dec. Coming in Jan: The start of recording for my 2nd CD. There'll definitely be much more news about that in 2009.

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