Transmitting From NYC... Well, it's been a long, long time since I've entered anything on the site but today is very special as it marks the release of my 4th CD, Daydreams (Probably). I honestly feel that this is the best work I've done thus far & hope you may take a listen, even if it's just checking out some samples, on iTunes for example. Here, in addition to acoustic piano, I also play electric piano, drums, keyboards & soprano saxophone. Another new element is that I've included 3 cover tunes (2 with vocals). I chose 1 by Bob Dylan & 1 by Stevie Wonder that have been exisitng mostly under the radar of the more well-known tunes of their careers. My 21 year old daughter, Charlotte Durkee makes her recording debut here doing a very sweet rendition of Dylan's "Tommorow Is A Long Time" & my old friend Brance McKenzie, from Gregory Hines" touring band, does a beautiful version of Stevie's "Black Orchid." I also pay tribute to the great Wayne Shorter by covering his piece, "Sanctuary." I also updated the music page of the site with samples of some of the tunes as well as adding a couple of reviews (including one from the Huffington Post) that I'm very happy with. So there you have it! A new CD is out for all the world to hear & I hope that'll include you! PS- For some strange reason, the press page lists the reviews from oldest to newest so you'll have to scroll down & give one or 2 extra clicks to see the most recent ones.