New Music October 1! 

On October 1st, I'll be releasing 3 new pieces as digital singles. The 1st two are 2 different versions of an original piece called, "Parallel Universes" with the great guitarist Vinnie Zummo. I'm on drums. The difference between them is that, on one, I'm reading a poem of mine in addition to the music. That'll be named "Parallel Universes With Voice." The other is the music alone. These pieces are not what you're used to hearing from me. They're VERY avant-garde & free with many FX on both the guitar & voice. It was done in 1 take. It's challenging listening but I hope you might be willing to expand your ears for a few minutes. I'm also in the planning stages of creating a video for it which should make it easy on the eyes to counteract what might be a bit hard on the ears for those new to this genre. 

The 2nd piece is an old Armenian tune which I call "Yar." It's solo piano & more in the vein of the other albums. The composer is unknown but the piece has always grabbed me by the heartstrings. So much so that, when I 1st started practicing it, it took me quite awhile to get through it without crying. For some reason, Armenian music has always touched me in a very special way. Must be from a past lifetime. It was recorded at home. I was planning on taking it to the studio but this version came out so well that, with the help of engineer Mike Crehore who was able to take a lot of the noise out, it sounded good enough to release. 

Really hope you'll check both out. 

More soon...

Long Overdue Update 

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've updated this page so here goes with the latest stuff: The Women & Children album has been very well received worldwide over the past year or so.

Since the release, I've been busy doing a few things. First, I completed all of the work for the next album which will be coming out next year. Except for creating the actual CD itself, that's pretty much in the rear view mirror. In the fall, I'll be putting out 2 digital singles. A duet with the great guitarist Vinnie Zummo (formerly with Joe Jackson). It's 2 versions of the same piece. Stay tuned in to my Facebook page for more updates on that. Also, a documentary film where I co-wrote the music is finally scheduled to be released mid-June on Amazon Prime. It's about the writer Elmore Leonard & is called, "Elmore Leonard: But Don't Try To Write." Again, there'll be more on the FB page as the date gets closer.

In addition, I've been writing more & more & pretty much have the music ready for the CD after next year's release. I guess that'll see the light of day sometime around 2024. I hope to begin recording in the fall of 2022. All that & FINALLY trying to teach myself a music notation program. Something that's been long overdue. It'll be nice to hand out parts that are easy to read & to look at instead of copies of my pencil scratches that've been the norm for the longest time. (Well, they're not scratches, the musicians can read them pretty easily, but the new parts will almost look professional!) I've always strived for professionalism as my wife well knows! (Private joke). Hope to update here more regularly. Till then, be well & stay safe!

Women & Childern 

The new album, Women & Children, is finally released & available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon & most digital platforms. The project started way back in the fall of 2018 when recording began continuing through the beginning of 2020. In addition to doing my usual solo piano pieces, this time I had help from some incredible musicians including Mark Soskin, Vinnie Zummo, David Katzenberg, Billy Mintz, Lawrence Feldman, Sara Caswell, Richard Boukas, Dave Wechsler, Tony Cintron, Charlotte Durkee, Bill Hayes & Ruben Rodriguez. The combinations range from solo to quintet. Also, I'm playing more drums here than before. With the great engineering of Sam Palumbo, the mastering skill of Mike Crehore & Al Houghton along with the great staff of Dubway studios, it was a complete joy. 

Staying In 

Hope everyone is healthy & safe in the midst of all this. Had to push back the release date of Women & Children to July 24 due to the virus. Just hope things relax enough by then so it doesn't have to be pushed back even further. It just seemed in really bad taste to be promoting new music while people are becoming ill & dying. All of what I call the "me, me, me" stuff of social promotion & networking has to take a break for now. I could go on & on about that but I won't. Suffice to say that I'm always praying for everyone's health & give huge thanks to the doctors, nurses & all those on the front lines risking their lives every day.  Stay well...



CD #5 done!! The title of the CD will be Women & Children and the release date is July 24. Very, very excited to have you all hear it! I’ll be adding a shot of the front cover fairly soon.


It's been quite awhile since I updated this page but, now that I finished mixing CD#5, it seems like the right time. The project began all the way back in the fall of 2018 and now, 26 pieces later, it's very close to completion. First I want to mention my engineer, Sam Palumbo. A great guy, great work ethic, possessing much knowledge of his craft (he'd very often be thinking one step ahead of me), creative & willing to try anything & everything. Just the perfect engineer for me. The 26 pieces will be divided into 2 releases, one this year & one in 2021. (26 pieces=almost 2 hrs. of music!). There's a variety of styles & groupings from solo to duo up to a quintet. Working with old & new friends. I'm greatly looking forward to having you hear it! Stay tuned...

In The Studio 

Had a great day in the studio for record # 5 with special guests Charlotte Durkee on vocals and Bill Hayes on glass armonica. I’m told the glass armonica was invented in the 1700s by Benjamin Franklin. If you do a Google or Wikipedia search you’ll find some strange stories associated with it. You can go to the Photos page to see what it looks like.  I’ll be going in next month to hopefully finish up the solo piano pieces. Then comes the bands! 

The Parting 

A piece of mine, "Elegy:Epilogue" from the "From The Silence" album has just been chosen to be part of a new short film titled, "The Parting." It's about dealing with cancer & how to die with dignity. It was done by my friend, Richard Wilson who's battling the disease himself. I give him much credit for continuing to create his art through this rough time. It's very moving. Not out yet, but I'll keep you posted on when & where you'll be able to see it. In the meantime, maybe you can squeeze in a prayer for Richard here & there. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.