Greetings... I'll be writing little bits of news here & there to tell you what's going on with me that I think may be of some interest. Right now I'm getting ready to head to California tomorrow to finish up a fall tour with Liza Minnelli. We'll be in Brooks, CA on Thurs. & Denver, CO on Sat. The tour took us to 10 cities since the end of Sept. The highlights for me were a show each in Arhus, Denmark & Oslo, Norway, 2 countries that I'd never been to. Only wish I could've had a bit more time in each. (By the way, I play synths in Liza's band). I was very fortunate to run into Chick Corea who was staying in our hotel in Norway & layed a CD on him. Chick was a very influential person in my life & he's one of the people I thank in the CDs credits. Chick, more than anyone else, was pretty much responsible for giving me the initial inspiration to take composing seriously & I am so thankful that I was able to study a bit with him & connect with his special brand of genius. After this week, I'll be off the road until Jan. 2006 & will be doing my utmost to get "Sanctuaries" into the hands & ears of as many people as possible. If I don't update this beforehand, have a great Thanksgiving holiday!