New Music October 1!

On October 1st, I'll be releasing 3 new pieces as digital singles. The 1st two are 2 different versions of an original piece called, "Parallel Universes" with the great guitarist Vinnie Zummo. I'm on drums. The difference between them is that, on one, I'm reading a poem of mine in addition to the music. That'll be named "Parallel Universes With Voice." The other is the music alone. These pieces are not what you're used to hearing from me. They're VERY avant-garde & free with many FX on both the guitar & voice. It was done in 1 take. It's challenging listening but I hope you might be willing to expand your ears for a few minutes. I'm also in the planning stages of creating a video for it which should make it easy on the eyes to counteract what might be a bit hard on the ears for those new to this genre. 

The 2nd piece is an old Armenian tune which I call "Yar." It's solo piano & more in the vein of the other albums. The composer is unknown but the piece has always grabbed me by the heartstrings. So much so that, when I 1st started practicing it, it took me quite awhile to get through it without crying. For some reason, Armenian music has always touched me in a very special way. Must be from a past lifetime. It was recorded at home. I was planning on taking it to the studio but this version came out so well that, with the help of engineer Mike Crehore who was able to take a lot of the noise out, it sounded good enough to release. 

Really hope you'll check both out. 

More soon...