Transmitting From NYC... Well, friends & fans, a rather large chapter of my musical life has come to an end. Liza Minnelli & I have parted ways. It's been a total of over 20 years that I worked with her....12 part-time & 8 full-time. I served as both her keyboardist, drummer &, on a few occasions, conductor & am extremely proud of every note I played with her. I circled the world more than once, performing everywhere from Moscow to Tokyo to all over Europe & South America. From Carnegie Hall & Radio City Music Hall in NYC to the Hollywood Bowl to the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Olympia in Paris & the Sydney Opera House in Australia. I performed on her CD & DVD "Live From Radio City Music Hall" in 1991 all the way to her Tony-winning & Grammy-nominated Broadway show, "Liza's At The Palace" in 2008-2009. TV appearances from "Oprah", "Good Morning America", "The View" & "The Apprentice" in the US to live concert TV appearances in Europe & Japan. As to why we've parted ways, I honestly don't know except to say that she's probably hearing something different coming from the drums other than what I've been delivering for the past year & a half. That's an artist's right & I respect that. Many of music's greats made similar changes at certain points in their careers. Or maybe it's just that she wants a younger, better-looking guy with hair. I'll probably never know but will say again that I'm very proud of my work with her & gave 1,000% to every note I played. It's been quite a run & I feel privileged to have been able to accompany her amazing talent for so long. So where does that leave me? At least for the present, parked in NYC, practicing hard towards recording my 3rd CD sometime later this year which I hope to release in early 2013. That & the life of a free-lance musician, which has served me well my entire career. There are a couple of projects brewing that I'll let you know about as the time draws nearer to them being let loose on the world. I also recently had the opportunity to submit 3 tunes for an upcoming documentary on the great director David Lynch. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of them makes the final cut. And there you have the latest. Until next time, Happy Spring!

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