Transmitting from Santiago, Chile... It was quite an adventure getting here, 24 hours door-to-door. Included was a 2 hour wait on the runway at JFK airport, the airport of our connecting city (Sao Paulo, Brazil) being closed due to fog, being diverted to Rio De Janeiro airport, waiting there on the plane for an hour or more until Sao Paulo re-opened, getting to Sao Paulo & running to our connecting flight (which, luckily for us, was also delayed), finally getting to Santiago only to find out that our bags missed the connecting flight and 2 of our crew members missed the connection &, finally, at 6:30AM this morning, getting a phone call that our bags had arrived. I left home in NYC at 4PM on Friday & arrived at our hotel here a little after 4PM Saturday. (There's no time change down here). So, yet another story of the glamorous life out here on the road. Hopefully, there'll be happier tales to tell soon.

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