Transmitting From Adelaide, Australia... We just arrived here from Perth & the time zone changes are starting to add up to complete confusion for my body clock. Sydney, our 1st stop, is 15 hrs. ahead of NYC. Perth, where we just were, is 12 hours ahead. Now, in Adelaide, 14.5 hours ahead. That's right, there's a 30 minute time zone difference between Sydney & Adelaide. Why the 30 minutes? Who knows? I'm wondering if things continue to change as you get closer to Sydney. 20 minute difference, 15, 10, 5?? Bottom line is, I don't have a clue as to whether I'll be getting anything resembling a normal night's sleep tonight. We'll see... Things are expensive here. I was fooled into thinking that, because the Australian & U.S. dollar match up almost evenly, that prices would follow suit. Wrong! I was lucky to find a little breakfast place in Perth (called, wouldn't you know, the NY Cafe) that served something resembling a normal breaksfast for about $13. That's cheap here. So we move onward approaching the half-way point of the tour. Show tomorrow & then on to Melbourne Saturday. More soon...

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