Happy Thanksgiving from Las Vegas... I arrived here yesterday to do 4 shows with Liza to be followed by a short trip to Chicago to do a Jewish holiday concert on Sunday before heading home on Monday. Sunday will be especially challenging because we'll be doing a late show on Sat. night (actually Sun. morning) starting at 1AM. We'll probably be off the stage no later than 3AM. Then I have to decide if it's worth trying to sleep for an hour or so before heading to the airport for my 6:30AM flight to Chicago. I arrive there at around noon, have a rehearsal at 2PM & then a show at night. Needless to say, I'll be fried beyond recognition at the end of all of that. Luckily my flight home is at a slightly more tolerable time (9AM) so I do have a chance of catching up on some sleep on Sunday night. Tonight, I'm saving my appetite till after the show when there'll be a Thanksgiving dinner for us which is nice. Just wish my family could be here as well. The concept of taking a special day to give thanks is a nice one, I think. I try to be thankful all year round for the special gifts that life has given me. Still, with everyone's day-to-day existences whirling around, it's sometimes hard to remember. My wife, Julie, is just amazing in this regard & is surely a role model for me to never take any blessings for granted. I sincerely hope that everyone who visits the site here can find some things to be thankful for & to give them their due, today & all year round. Have a great Thanksgiving & enjoy the upcoming holiday season (one of my favorite times in NYC, by the way!!). Till next time...

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