Transmitting From Bologna, Italy... A city very interesting in its layout. Different than most European cities I've been in. We're right in the middle of town near a huge common area...like a town square. The architecture is typically old European but coupled with tons of modern shops embedded in all of the buildings. The main drag that features this (& where our hotel is) goes on forever. There are awnings that span the outsides of almost all of the buildings which basically means you could walk & shop for what seems like miles without any worry of being exposed to rain, sleet or snow. Today is an off day where I took advantage of the seemingly endless walking streets (closed to all traffic) both large & small. I love walking in cities both known & new, one of the many reasons I love living in NYC. Our show here is tomorrow before we move on. Oh, and one more thing....Go Barack! Keeping my fingers crossed about our elections tomorrow....the 1st one where I'll be on foreign soil to hear the results.

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